O'Dowd Christie Hair

Shop 7 Avion Way, Times Square, Claremont WA
08 9383 2949
Michael O’Dowd
Michael is one of the salons two directors, the other being his partner Clare. They have worked along side each other at different stages over the past 13 years. During his 18 years in hairdressing he has worked with some of the top hairdressers in the hair industry throughout Europe and Australia. Specialising in cutting, Michael has provided seminars for the top product companies and has worked on several high end international hair shows. Constantly working on new photo shoots, Michael and Clare are always striving to bring you the latest looks to their hair salon in Claremont, Perth.

Clare O’Dowd
With 17 years in hairdressing, Clare has spent a large portion of her career in London working with top international brands. During her career she crossed paths with Michael many times which ended with them working side by side and eventually directing Lee Wallis Claremont together. She has vast experience with London and Perth fashion week and her partner Michael says ‘In seventeen years I’ve never met some one who can blow dry hair like her!!!”. Clare spends a lot of time directing the hair for shows and is a natural at styling long hair.