Lacy Barry and Cris Wiegandt

Lacy Barry and Cris Wiegandt


Cris and Lacy met in the Autumn of 2016 through an magazine article about Berlin based paper artists. On visiting each others studios and eating salad together, Cris; a stop-motion director and paper-craft artist, and Lacy; a set & interior designer also specializing in paper arts, decided to band together to tackle larger, more diversified projects. They have since set up a functioning prop making/ stop-motion studio under the self-titled name; Crizilla & Delasey (Cris Wiegandt & Lacy Barry) in Berlin, Germany. And in the first year together the dynamic duo have produced works for Coca-Cola, Adobe, Adidas Maker-Lab. Imagining a world where lizard monsters and fancy furry cats team up to fight monotony with a color spectrum of lightening bolts, for Crizilla & Delasey the future is sparkling.

Off the page artwork: 

Made from various recycled and repurposed pages, cardboard, newspaper and book covers sculpted in natural textures and layers, this installation explores regeneration back from book to nature. Assembled on and around a large space opening at approximately 28 meters to 9 meters, to a skylight and lower level we construct a ‘greenhouse’, spilling light on the remnants of previously forgotten relics of literature. Portions of the installation consume whole areas with breaks to reveal the clear glass of the balustrading beneath. A mixture of dynamic natural shapes, create a scene that can be physically experienced by spectators, giving the feeling that the artwork is growing on the buildings structure. Based on nature elements such as moss, geodes, scales, roots, leaves, hair & roots, we hope to pay some homage to the tactile origins of reading materials.

You'll find it @ Claremont Quarter
9 Bayview Terrace
Cris in action
Installing at Claremont Quarter
Lacy in action